We Are All Capable..

Change Begins Within

R3 is a coaching / mentoring group for those who want to take ownership of their lives by smashing their inner critic, developing life-changing habits, and becoming battle-ready to take on life.

The best version of you is just past your comfort zone..

After 15+ years serving in Special Operations, I transitioned out of the military with a feeling of being empty inside. The world as I knew it was completely over and the responsibilities of life started to weigh me down.

Living wasn’t really living at all, so I set out on the path of the unknown to find out exactly who I was and what I’m capable of becoming.

All those years of pain, being trapped inside, holding myself back from experiencing life, love and happiness was a death sentence. I got tired of that version of me. I got tired of crippling my relationships with others, feeling sorry for myself and lying to myself.

From the battle field to the one inside my mind, I’ve developed new skillsets and

perspectives to help me not only navigate life, but to be a part of it.

Are you tired of not living up to the expectations of yourself?

Are you tired of repeating the same old habits that cripple you and those around you?

Are you tired of feeling disconnected from the importance and power of the present


If the answer to any of these is yes, then R3 is for you.

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The choice to change your life is yours and yours alone. Maybe you’re not ready to invest in yourself and that’s okay. However, if you’re tired of the road blocks you’re hitting in life and are ready for a shift in perspective to help you take back your power and embark on the Hero’s journey, then sign up.

I had to become involved in life to evolve. I'm far from perfect and I love it. It’s what makes me, me.

Your darkness, your battles, and the resurrection you’re capable of embodying is what makes you, you.

Face your bullshit so you can shine for others to see.

That might just be all they need to free themselves as well”

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