Change Begins Within - Unlock Your TRUE Self

From expanding your mindset, to building impactful relationships and finding your purpose, R3 will challenge what you think you know and give you the tools to take action.

Raw, Real, Ready

The journey is never ending; however you have to start somewhere.

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    Cody Alford

    Retired U.S. Marine Special Forces (MARSOC) Raider

    Who am I?

    After 15+ years serving in Special Operations, I transitioned out of the military with a feeling of being empty inside. The world as I knew it was completely over and the responsibilities of life started to weigh me down.

    Living wasn’t really living at all, so I set out on the path of the unknown to find out exactly who I was and what I’m capable of becoming.

    Raw, Real, Ready Overview

    • When you're Raw with yourself, you cut out the noise inside your head that's holding you hostage.

    • When you're Real with the process you become a weapon

    • When you realize your power within, you become Ready to take on anything.